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Parent Voice


Have you been happy with communication from school during lockdown and since September?



Do you feel that the pandemic/lockdown has affected the behaviour/mental health of your child?

If so, how?


Do you feel that school has helped your child settle back into a routine after full lockdown?


Does your child feel safe in school with regards to the pandemic?


Understands that they have to be careful stay in their bubble and listen to the teachers’ advice.

He is aware of safety re hand washing and distance.

Being a part of a bubble, all following guidance on hand washing etc whilst still being able to interact with his friends.

She does but is still worried about catching Covid and bringing it home as I am high risk.

He never expresses any concerns which **** would if he wanted to.

Bit too young to understand the full picture, but knows about it and how and why to be clean and safe, but has not
mentioned it since going back to school.

My child does not really understand fully but knows enough to keep up with hand washing and distancing.- They know this new routine of constant washing and distancing is working.

She tells us about the hand washing and the bubbles that are in place for safety.

He tells me about hand washing.

He hasn’t expressed that he doesn’t.

He says that they are always washing and sanitising their hands.

My children love school and love being back with their friends and teachers and luckily are not worried about the new
Covid rules in school.

My child enjoys going to school & doesn’t worry about going so feels safe.

Teachers support children at school to use sanitiser and good hand washing routines. This supports children at home
and school to keep same routine.

Yes * feels safe in school and understands the importance of the rules and regulations that are in place.

**** has never said anything to make me think she feels unsafe. I think she she’s got used to new routines of not mixing
with other years

* feels safe but is upset that he has to go to school but can’t see family members.

Regularly washing his hands, not mixing bubbles.

We speak daily and my son is happy with everything that is in place regarding Covid.

Well my son never says he has any issues.

No issues from *.

Not had any complaints of negative thoughts from *. He’s settled back in and taking new procedures as the norm.

She says she loves school.

No problems with going back.

hasn’t expressed any concerns.

The measures in place and he knows he can talk to teacher if any problems.

He knows rules and follows them he tells me every day he done his hand washing.

She’s happy with safety measures and loves that she can be back at school.

I don’t think that it to do with the school, my child is 5 so it’s hard for him to social distance.

Like I said he’s very anxious about the virus, although I try to explain to him it’s very difficult for him to grasp the whole

He has loved being back at school and feels safe there.

My daughter is only 4 so a bit too young to understand what's going on.

* loves school and tells me how she washes her hands so she stays safe.

She has never come home with any concerns since returning.

They are happy to go to school and have adapted well to the new norm.

Knows to wash his hands to keep the germs away and what adults have to do.- Social distancing in nursery cloakroom, hand sanitiser and everyone wearing masks have all helped.

He loves going and he knows the rules.

I’m really happy with the way the nursery staff are handling everything. Only concern I have is when one year group
had to isolate but have other siblings in different year groups.

Do you feel safe at pick-up/drop-off times?

Picking up appears manic, social distancing is not maintained by most (not the school’s fault). Staggered pick up times
suited better.

A lot of parents not following the face mask rule.

A lot of parents are not following the rules of wearing face masks.

I think the gates should be monitored because a lot of parents don’t wear face masks.

Not always - still a lot of people with no masks.

Many parents/guardians still without face coverings.

Too many people without masks on.

The playground is very overcrowded at pick up time and not many parents stick to the social distance rules.

Most people are wearing masks and socially distancing, but there are a small minority who aren’t following rules.

The playground is regularly overcrowded at the end of the school day despite the staggered end times. Parents are often chatting in large groups and not maintaining a social distance. Often parents aren’t wearing masks despite being asked to. It might be better if parents are actively told to vacate the playground or introduce a one way system. Or lower school exit via the nursery exit and year 3 + leave via the main gate. Also more than one parent seems to be collecting their child at the end of the day when I was under the impression it was 1 parent only.

Social distancing is not adhered too. A lot of parents or adults collecting and dropping children off do not wear masks.
Parents left waiting a long time at home times to collect children. The entrance to the lower school yard is often very
congested on a morning.

Because I keep my distance. However, I think masks should be made compulsory as no point half people wearing them
and half not.

Times are no longer adhered to. One way system would be beneficial to prevent the bottle neck at the lower school
gate. Most parents don't wear masks.

Drop off feels safe, however pick up some days can be very busy and very little social distancing.

Yes, although I have noticed it is only a minority that seem to wear masks while on school grounds. I also preferred the
staggered start as it was much calmer and quieter. Less hustle and bustle through the gates.

I feel safe myself but I do find the ignorance of a lot of parents not wearing a face covering and still gathering in groups - I’m concerned the number of parents attending pick up or drop off still don't get the distance rule and wear face masks.
If they can't get it right how we expect the children to follow. I think too many people are congregating and there is no
one-way system.

I can see most parents are distancing and wearing masks.

A bit of both. The school are doing the best they can but some parents aren’t keeping distance or wearing masks.

Too overcrowded in playground. Parents do not stick to the rule of staying apart.

There seems to be a bottle neck at the school entrance and exit and not all adults are wearing face masks. I feel it would
be better if one gate was entrance and the other exit to help combat this.

Social distancing is brilliant in the school and parents are all wearing masks.

Children are picked up and dropped off from their chosen classroom point. It’s quick and easy to keep children and their
families safe as possible only been with their bubble.

We are glad school requested face coverings to be worn because, even though it’s outside, it can get busy and space
felt limited easily near gates.

Not everyone in the playground adheres to social distancing.

Feel the school needs to make it all a one way system as feel far too close to people when walking to class. Crowds
coming out in same direction as people going in.

As safe as you can be really. The staggered pick up times have helped.

Parents not following guidelines. Not social distancing or wearing masks.

Yes. Most people wear masks and social distance but not all.

Overcrowded in the playground and not everyone wearing masks.

Not many people wearing masks and still feels a little overcrowded in the playground.

Wearing masks and having different times to drop off and collect means it's not too crowded

It is pretty busy. I preferred the staggered times.

Ikeep myself away from people and use my mask.

Mornings are much better with the 15 minute window for the children to start.

Pickups can be a little busy with having 2 children finishing at different times. I do feel safer now that parents are
wearing masks. Sad to see some parents think this rule doesn’t apply to them.

Not all of the parents wear a face mask.

I think it should be a one way in and out system. School gates are terrible people wanting to be in and out no 2m at all.

School gates need to be a 1 way system.

It’s too busy. One small gate to go in and out of. It is what it is though

Queuing to collect at the gates. There aren’t getting opened at the time stated on previous email so queuing in going
right over the nursery entrance and over the road all the way down. No social distancing there.

Drop-off is fine, however there are too many people gathered at pick up time near where red class and year 2 come
out.- Social distancing working well.

Nursery is not so bad, But the large playground gets a little busy so when collecting I prefer to wait on the hill and the
kids come out to me.

But my child has been allowed to go home with family members that are not down to pick her up

Times are great, other parents could be safer by wearing masks, keeping distance etc.

Can be a bit crowed at drop-off on mornings.

Yes, nursery have a good system.

Home Learning

Did your child access home learning during lockdown/isolation?

Were you happy with the quality of work sent home?

Were there any issues with home learning?

Would prefer paper homework instead of online.

Only in as much as his dad and I were working from home too, as was Ryan so sometimes more prescribed work was easier than “research the solar system” which required more help from us when it wasn’t always easy. Having said that, the work was consistent and accessible, and the feedback was great from the emails we sent in."

Early into lockdown work wasn’t available.

Work set was quite simple in terms of the ability of our little one.

It would have nice to have some paper / booklets to work through.

Could not access the app.

Did not have access to the app as could not log in.Was very difficult trying to juggle work and home school children especially with just one phone to access work on and 2 children in different years and no printer. School were fab and Mr Frost so kindly brought work packs to my home.

* now has his own mobile so can have his own access.

There was plenty of work accessible.

We do not own a laptop so did struggle.

There was not always adequate instructions with how to complete the work, and a lot of it had not already been taught in school so *struggled at times, and again it was not looked at or marked by a teacher.

My daughter is struggling with maths and is very behind so just sending work on this with no support was a struggle.

Some of the exercises don't work on phone and we don't have access to a computer. They also

Found it difficult to support and help with work as I worked all way through lock down and I work long hours so wasn't always there to help and was a worry this would affect her going in to Yr 6 as I know it’s a crucial year for her. Worried it may set her back and behind the other children. Also if work sent to me on my phone I would be in work so couldn't pass work on to ** so found we were trying to catch up on most of it. Maybe if we were to go into another lock down, work sheets with work on would work better if sent as a booklet for the children to work from. Would have worked better for l** and us as full time working parents who are classed as key workers.

Most mornings but soon got into it.


Does your child have access to any of the following?


How does your household access the internet?

Further Comments

Any further comments/suggestions regarding school's handling of the current situation.- Very calm and reassuring to parents (and children) who will be anxious. At a time when the staff are naturally worried as well, you have made school a safe space for our children to be in.

Nothing at present.

Although it is difficult with children, the older ones could wear masks at school which may help reduce the transmission of the disease further.


School have handled things brilliantly thank you.

Great work from everyone, even the lollypop lady and families. I work on the Covid ward so we all need to work together.

Opening school gates on time to avoid a build-up of people.

My only issue is their tablets are old and have been repaired numerous times so it’s very hit and miss if they work. We don’t own a laptop or computer or printer. I would much rather the work sheets have been pre-printed and packed to be sent home. I’m sure a lot of parents don’t have the funds to buy a computer/laptop/tablet for the children. And it’s hard trudging 3 children to a library to print these sheets as well as maintain social distancing.

Space collection times out a little bit more.

Try putting 1 way system in place.

For children who can, can they not have a zoom lesson with teacher?

Thanks you for all your help and support. If it happens again, I think * would benefit from virtual learning through teams or zoom so she can see her friends and interact in some way.

My child can access my phone for the learning app, however this still is not practical when I am working during the week so home learning isn’t always possible to keep up with.

I also feel when a child in a year group has Covid and the full class isolate for 14 days why are the children who have had the covid and now have anti bodies not allowed to then return to school instead of having to isolate every time?

Also for parents who work and sending a child home for 14 days each time isn’t practical. Parents cannot live on sick pay and holidays to arrange childcare for the children every time a child in their class has Covid. This is a major issue and worry for parents who work and have few childcare options.

The school have done extremely well during the pandemic. Informed through parent mail as they have received changes.

Well done to everyone during these uncertain times. We appreciate everything that you have had to do to make it safe to get back to school life. Enjoy your half term. Many Thanks.

It’s easy to say now if we had Zoom lessons / live lessons it would have made a massive difference but I think if it came to it again everyone is more prepared and have learned a lot from last time so they would have more of a real school day

Thank you for everything you have done in these current stressful climate. Amber has thoroughly enjoyed been back to school and in a routine.

School are doing a fab job at keeping the children safe and supporting their emotional wellbeing.

I think the school as a whole is doing a great job in difficult circumstances.

Don’t shut school again.

Keep up the hard work Whale Hill, as always I’m a very happy parent. 5* school- I’m confident you’re doing the best you can.

At school pick up and drop off, parents should be discouraged from gathering in groups; especially when it’s on the main path into school. They should be encouraged more to wear masks/face coverings and adhere to social distancing rules in and around the school playground.

A payment scheme to get a tablets out to children so that they have proper laptop device. It’s worked very well at other schools it would help a lot off struggling families who can’t afford to by one for their child. I know Normanby Primary did it with tablets.

I am happy with everything, my daughters both love going to school. You're all doing a brilliant job under very difficult circumstances and as parents we appreciate everything you are doing.

All the teachers and staffs did well during this hard time. So big thanks to all.

Children who have had Covid and have the antibodies should be back in school not isolating every time their class has a child with Covid.

I am happy with everything the staff are doing a brilliant job in very difficult circumstances

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