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Return Arrangements

Dear Parents/Carers,
Thank you for maintaining your social distance on the premises and ensuring that both dropping off and collection times run smoothly. We appreciate your patience over the last few weeks and the waiting around you may have encountered if siblings had different times.  We have reviewed our arrangements and recognise that we can shorten these times and hopefully continue to ease congestion on the playground. 
From next week, w/c 21st September all class/year group doors will be open from 8.35 am until 8.50 am to allow children in as soon as they arrive. Children can make their way in as soon as their door is open, and a staff member will be there to meet them. 
Collection times will be as follows from their usual door.
Reception - collect 2.50 -3.00 pm
Year 1 - collect 2.50 -3.00 pm
Year 2 - collect 2.50 -3.00 pm
Year 3 - collect 2.50 -3.00 pm
Year 4 - staggered 2.55 (SD), 3.00 (JO), 3.05 (CM) pm as they exit from one door 
Year 5 - staggered 2.55 (DP), 3.00 (BL), 3.05  (KP) pm as they exit from one door
Year 6 - 3.00 pm
Please note that the gates will  be opened at 8.30 am and 2.45 pm.
Social distancing needs to be maintained at all times.
Thank you for your ongoing support and we will continue to review our procedures in line with any guidance.